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7/8ths SE Scale ~ (1:13.7) ~ 7/8"=1'-0"

7/8ths scale is my personal passion. Hopefully I will be able to both promote and share some of the successes and failures I have experienced while modelling in SE Scale. (7/8"=1'-0") or 1:13.7 . It is both a very challenging and highly rewarding scale. Even though the locomotives utilize G gauge track, they are in most cases close to the "Tich" in size and in my opinion fall into the model engineering category. The most appealing aspect of 7/8ths scale is the simple fact that the prototypes are Two Foot Gauge Railroads or smaller.

Seven Eighths scale is a scratch builders scale, mainly due to the very small number of commercial manufacturers on the marker. This can make the scale intimidating, and at the same time when you find yourself working through problems and challenges to end up with a unique scale replica it provides immense satisfaction. You produce a railroad that is a reflection of yourself and unique to you. Rolling Art.

If for no other reason build in 7/8ths because its BIG. Did I mention BIG. You do not need reading glasses to add detail, and their very size demands attention both at shows and in the garden. Unlike the larger scales 3.5" gauge and larger the engines are still small enough to be portable and mobile.  

My interests within 7/8ths are broken down into two sections; DHR (turn of the century India, primarily the Darjeeling Railway) and WW1, with a focus on Pechot and Decauville rolling stock.